Fabrice Dini is a mindfulness teacher, consultant and specialist in integral education, born in Switzerland in 1971 and having lived in India for almost twenty years. He is the author of numerous books, translated into several languages, on integral education and mindfulness. With his experience, Fabrice has co-created two schools and teaches in many public and private schools, as well as in companies. Over the years, he has taught mindfulness to thousands of adults, teachers, children and adolescents around the world. As the creator of the Gratitude Project and the Strength of Character Project, he works to promote mental health among thousands of young people in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. With such experience and dedication, Fabrice Dini is a true expert in mindfulness and integral education, whose impact is felt around the world.

Born in a small village in the heart of the Alps in Switzerland, Fabrice Dini lived in India for 17 years. There he studied areas in which he is today an expert: Integral education, yoga and mindfulness.

During his journey through these ancient lands, he has had the privilege of collaborating with various leaders in the field of integral education. This collaboration has borne many fruits, such as his participation in the writing of several books, the production of DVDs dedicated to integral education and the development of a pedagogical method with CD to teach French. He co-founded a school in Auroville, the purpose of which is to apply the principles of integral education, and taught in several innovative schools in India. In Switzerland, he co-founded a pioneer school based on outdoor education.

Fabrice is a certified instructor of mindfulness for children and adolescents by : AMT Academy for Mindful Teaching in Nederland – Mindful Schools, Mindful Educator Essentials in USA – Mindfulness In Schools Project, Pawsb in UK – Mindfulness In Schools Project, Dotb in UK.

He teaches the MBSR – Mindfulness Program for adults – following his training with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli from the “Center for Mindfulness” of the University of Massachusetts.

He teaches Integral Education, Stress Management, Character Strength, Mindfulness in many schools and companies and also at the University of Teacher Education in Switzerland. In addition to being a lecturer, he organizes conferences, workshops and classes for children, teachers, parents and companies.

Fabrice enjoys trekking, mountain biking, ski touring and spending time in Nature.


+41 (0) 77 455 30 10 – info@fabricedini.com

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